1. Can I Choose the Photographer or check his/her profile before accepting the services?

Yes. You can. Once you have selected your location and chose the occasion for which you need a photographer, you will be connected with different photographers in a particular location. You can simply browse through their profiles and portfolios, and select the one that seems best to you.

We have the most amazing talent on board. Our photographers are pre-vetted from across UAE before their profile is listed on the Snapdu. The photographers are evaluated for quality, value and service so that customers get an incredible experience.

2. How do you confirm time with the Photographer?

Everything is going to be done on Snapdu website, once all info are provided, it’sautomaticaly confirmed.

Once Snapdu has confirmed your request, the assigned photographerwill connect with you to discuss the time of shoot and all your requirements.

We would recommend you to schedule the time early in the morning or early evening. This is because early mornings and evenings are the golden hours when there are fewer people on roads, less traffic and colors are more vibrant.

Rest it depends on the time of your event. The photographer will tell you in advance if he/she has any time restraints and you can set the time of meeting mutually.

3. How much does the photoshoot cost?

Prices for photoshootsare fixed, with no hidden costs;we offer you the most competitive rates in the industry. We opt for dynamic pricing and this is what sets us apart. We make sure that you are getting great value photography package with Snapdu, to check all priced, please check the link below: check

4. How early should I book my Photoshoot?

We will suggest you book at least one week prior to your event. This is because it will give you enough time to interact with the photographer and understand if he/she could complete your project with the utmost efficiency.

However, we do our best to accommodate even the last minute bookings on your preferred date and time. We can comply with bookings on short notice as short as 2 HOURS!

However, for the smooth management of the tasks, we would recommend you book for at least 1-3 weeks in advance. Also, if during peak times like public holidays or weekends, you will usually expect even more time in advance to secure the availability of your desired photographer.

5. When and how will I receive the images?

Photos are normally delivered within 1-2 business days. The photographer will retouch your photos according to his or her professional efficiency, judgment, and skills. Once it is done he/she will upload them to our private online gallery. From there you can select the photos of your choice & download (.jpg format).

6. Can I split the Photoshoot between 2-3 days?

Fundamentally, the shoot is booked for the selected dates and had to be done over the same time period as mentioned before. You cannot split your 2 hours into 2 days. However, you can book separate photoshoots for multiple days or you can have a word with the photographer and he/she can split the work according to his convenience. You will have to pay extra for the overtime services of the photographer.

7. Do I own the rights to these photos?

You have all the rights to use the photos for your personal use. This means that you can share the photos, print them, make a collage. However, we restrain you not to modify and re-sell the photos as your personal work. Both Snapdu and the photographer retain the copyright of the photos.

8. What kind of photo editing is included in my package?

Our photographers are immensely inspiring and typically very talented, so you would not require much editing. Our style is typically candid and we love working with outdoor natural lighting. Our photographers will provide only basic editing and retouching such as color balance, cropping, shadow correction etc. Photoshopping or extensive editing is available on request.

9. If I have a long-running commercial project, can I book a photographer with Snapdu?

If you have questions pertaining to long-running commercial shoots in UAE and you want to book our photographers, please write to us on info@Snapdu.com and give details about your project. Once we receive your queries, we will send you more an elaborate information about commercial pricing & licensing options. Our professionals are available to take your queries.

10. Can I reschedule or cancel my Photoshoot?

If you need to reschedule or cancel your photoshoot, please tell us immediately about the issue via email info@Snapdu.com. You should give at least 3 days notice in advance before cancelling or rescheduling your shoot. If you are not informing us on time, you will be charged a penalty.

Please note that cancellations during holiday season must be done a week prior from the shoot date.